Hello, world

Hello, guys, Ruki here.

This should be something like an introductory post or something, I don’t know. Some of you may already know me, some of you may, obviously, not. I did keep another blog back in time, but it was some kind of joke. (hope this one doesn’t end up the same). I intend to write it in English, actually, because well, you see, nowadays pretty much everybody speaks it.

Thank you Captain Obvious. Here, have a rock.

As I was saying, I must apologize since the beginning for my future language mistakes, hope you won’t mind it that much.

Anywayz, I’m not so sure what I’m going to blog about, (I honestly make some really confused faces irl, don’t know why) so I suppose it will be a little bit of everything, from books and animu to beauty stuff. (Because everybody knows I lack any sense of decent style so it should be fun for you, guys.)

I actually started this out of boredom and way too much blog-reading and vlog-watching lately. Everything becomes 100x more interesting when you know you have to study for exams.

I really feel pathetic for this intro, I don’t know why. Maybe because I don’t really get the whole image (and other things, in general) as the entire world does. Maybe you’ll notice that in the future.


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