Quick review: Souad – Burned alive


When Souad was 17 she fell in love. In her village, as in so many others, sex before marriage was considered a grave dishonour to one’s family and was punishable by death. This was her crime. Her brother-in-law was given the task of arranging her punishment. One morning while Souad was washing the family’s clothes, he crept up on her, poured petrol over her and set her alight. In the eyes of their community he was a hero. An execution for a ‘crime of honour’ was a respectable duty unlikely to bring about condemnation from others.

Ok, guys. This has to be one the most disturbing books I’ve ever read. Not because of the cruelty in its fictional way, but for the fact that such things have actually happened to someone irl. It really shows up the differences between cultures, the huge gap between civilization and…wilderness? Ffs, if that’s not wild, I don’t know what else can be.

Apparently, the book was written as a result of repressed memory therapy, so there are people claiming that the story is fake and nobody could survive with 70% of the body burned. No matter what, the truth is that things like this are still happening. These days. Now. And THIS is disturbing. Thinking that, opposed to our ‘civilized’ society, such barbarities are still happening.

Don’t mind my blunt frustration so late in the night, it’s just the book’s effect. My feminist side is strong tonight. How can somebody, woman or man, accept such a fate? Dafuq, dude? Fight with your parents, run away from home, struggle to make a living, but hell, at least you’re free.


2 thoughts on “Quick review: Souad – Burned alive

    • Little Bat says:

      Souad certainly knows how to lie! Read the article “Burning Questions” the article is on line. Every story she tells is changed in later interviews. She used to claim she was an innocent virgin, burned alive because she was seen speaking to a boy. Later, she claimed to have been a seduced and abandoned girl …

      ‘In “Burned Alive” Souad says that she saw her mother giving birth and killing babies on two occasions: “I’m not sure I was present for the third one, but I knew about it.” … Following the publication of her book, the German television station ZDF broadcast an interview during which admiration for Souad’s stoic manner was expressed: “Laconically, she tells how she saw her mother kill four or five of her sisters, immediately after their births.” That was in January 2004. By April of that same year, Souad was claiming in De Groene Amsterdammer: “I have seen my mother suffocate seven of my little sisters. Seven!”’

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