Here I am, pretending everything’s fine

You know what’s the saddest thing about me? Me neither, because there are LOTS of fucked up and sad things going on around.

I was almost sure I won’t get accepted in college. I was almost sure I won’t mind. But I do, somehow. I’m disappointed. And stubborn. I don’t wanna try again for this college, even though it’s the only thing that I’d like to do for the future. So, for now,  I’m trying to deal with the thought that I’ll just study some random shit that I’m not interested in and that I’ll have a shitty job that won’t provide any satisfaction.  (I’m starting to get over it, already.)

And what hurts the most is not knowing what to do with my life anymore. I just sit here, in my parents’ house, no school, no job. I already feel like a parasite, even though I know I will, eventually, continue with the school part.

Oh, yeah. I got a higher grade in a foreign language exam than I did in my own language. How cool is that?

Another sad thing is my fucked up memory. I had to change computers and I couldn’t remember my account details. Isn’t that sweet? Ofc, the main reason for which I didn’t keep up with all the writing part is laziness. And, somehow, exams. I actually finished high-school with a pretty high grade (9.03), unlike the entrance exam.

Meh, maybe I’ll start blogging from now on. Like, decently blogging. But that’s just for me, for my own mental pleasure and coziness.


4 thoughts on “Here I am, pretending everything’s fine

  1. Shit’s fine. I’m just extremely disappointed. But it’s my fault, so I deal with it.
    Thanks anyway. *hug*
    Hope your leg is better.

  2. time lord says:

    Ai incercat nu stiu sa nu mai vorbesti/scrii in alta limba inafar de romana poate asa reuseati sa obti o nota mai mare in limba ta natala.
    Cat despre restul stai linistita cu toti ajunge la aceste intrebari cel putin odata in viata.
    Esti o fata inteligenta te dascurci tu

  3. Meh, chestia e ca am dat gramatica. Pe care nu am mai facut-o dintr-a opta. Si, cu toate ca stiu the basics of it, ne-au dat multe detalii aiurea. Meh, puteam macar sa recapitulez putin.
    Dar, hey, tu ce mai faci? Long time no talk.

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