Folk you, Alternosfera & Vama Veche

Finally managed to get to Vama Veche this summer. Twice so far, which is great.

It’s not all that’s cracked up to be, you know? But it’s still THAT PLACE. With all those weirdos doings drugs and screaming in the morning, campers who haven’t seen a shower in ages, yucky and over expensive food. With the red moon rising, the flying lights, sea storms and acoustic guitars.

Been to Folk you, which was great. Really really great. Vita de Vie was quite a surprise, playing all their songs acoustically. Vama reminded us, once again, how to properly love Vama Veche. The cherry on top was Rezident Ex. Kempes is back. Good old Kempes.

Yeah, so I got home after the festival. Sun-burnt, salty skin, hungry and happy, Couldn’t resist the temptation, tho’. Three days later I was breathing that special salty air again.

The beach was almost empty. Looks like after the festival, everybody rushed back home. (Not really everybody, I met the screaming druggie again; he never left that place.) The weather was awful, windy as hell, huge waves making it almost impossible to swim.


Swimming with the moon above your head while seeing mad lightnings far away can give you the weirdest cocktail of feelings. It makes you feel free, happy, wild, small, crazy, god-like.

But it will, eventually, go away.

Alternosfera was one of my main things on my list of interests, even if it wasn’t the first time I attended their concert. Well fuck this shit. After waiting for an hour, wearing wet clothes in that crazy as fuck wind, listening to them was the last thing I wanted to do.

They didn’t even apologize.

I also hate staying in the front row at concerts. Totally mood-ruining.

We got back home earlier than expected ’cause it started raining.

I also got a cold and have fever. Yay for me.

Comparing the two trips I get mixed feelings. First time, I got there by train, met with high-school buddies, made new friends, attended a bad-ass concert, burned my skin under the soulless sun, barely ate.

Now I got there in a Peugeot 407, camped in a huge tent, been accompanied by two of my…kind of older friends, stayed for a short time, shitty concert. But the weather was the key element. It filled me up with the sea, made me feel it under my skin.

Don’t mind the video, it’s shitty. The music is what matters.

The story goes on, just like the wind at Vama Veche.


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