Ok, guyse. It’s almost september.

Which means, Halloween is only…two months apart.

Now my question for you is What should I be for Halloween?

It may seem a bit early for some of you, but I want this year’s costume as flawless as it can get out of my hands and I want enough time to decide on the make-up.


I might try more than one look, if I like your suggestions.

And I will also try to post pics. Which I hate. But, hey! You deserve your amusement too, right?


Anywayz, I want a list of creatures and even anime characters (I never say no to cosplay) that would look well for Halloween.

Thanks in advance. ( :


5 thoughts on “Help?

  1. Cand am citit asta I was all: it’s more than two months away, dafuq! Si azi am dat click pe un related video. Si apoi pe un alt related video si am ajuns la chestii cu machiaje sisisisi oh, my God, the options! I like that one and that one and that one! I want them all! You gave me Halloween fever, miss.

    Though I’m not a zombie movies fan, I gotta say the skull look that Zombie Boy has is pretty cool. Also geishas, but with a modern touch, glammy.. Oh, and also saw really cute Jack & Sally make-up ideas. Everybody knows Jack because people have images of him on their bags now, but Sally.. And I really liked her in the movie. The costumes would be easy-peasy for the last two.

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