Old habits die hard

I used to watch animu a lot. Like A LOT. Like an entire series a day. Like, that was all I was doing. Like I really like to say like.

And then, out of the blue, I got bored. All of a sudden. I couldn’t actually get myself to watch one single episode.

The situation lasted for…3 or 4 months already.

Until a few days ago.

I accidentally clicked anime-planet on my bookmark toolbar and I nostlagia’d looking through my anime list. So I’ve seen that, at that time when I last updated my list, I was watching Ichigo 100% (DO NOT watch Ichigo 100%. It sucks. Waste of time) and decided it was high time I finished the series.

And that was all I needed. Now I’m back to killing time in front of the computer, watching squeaky voiced characters with bouncing boobs running all over the place.

I’m really glad I got my true self back.



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