Industrial problems

These are dark times we live in. Dark indeed. Today I found another reason to feed my hatred towards winter. MY FUCKING INDUSTRIAL PIERCE IS KILLING ME!


You know, it’s kinda cold. And, you know, I have this little fucking iron bar in my left ear. Which is torturing me slowly, passionately and without any trace of mercy. 

It starts off with a tingling sensation which transfers into two little spots of vague pain where the ear is pierced.

The pain grows in intensity gradually, until you feel like you’re having the holes done again and again and you can’t concentrate on anything else, not even walking properly. The pain then takes over the entire ear and expands to the lateral parts of your head and neck and you start swearing and cursing and decide you’re gonna TAKE THAT SHIT OUT OF YOUR FLESH EVEN IF YOU’RE GONNA HAVE TO RIP YOUR EAR OFF.

And then everything goes numb. And you forget about it. And you can finally hear what fucking song is playing in those god damn headphones.


But don’t be too happy.

Because you’re gonna get inside. Any warm and cozy inside. And then…IT’S GONNA FUCKING HIT YOU. The pain comes back a thousand times more powerful and it’s like you can feel its hatred hitting you again and again, hundreds times, full of anger and fury.

<insert guitar solo here>


Your ear turns red, then violet, but it all looks green to you BECAUSE YOU CAN’T FUCKING SEE.


And then it calms down and gets back to normal. 











No, it’s actually not that bad. But it still hurts a bit.


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