DIY ripped stockings

So, one night I decided it was high time I looked like a fucked up bitch* from tumblr.

If you’re into this, but can’t figure out how to properly send the message, this is the right way. You’ll only need a pair of stockings, an unpolished nail, some tiny little scissors / a cutter and a bit of nail polish to seal the cuts so you’re not going to end up looking as if you’ve been chased by wolves.

Oh, wait, that’s the actual look.

Anywayz. My result?

 photo blog.jpg

Yayus for my chubby legs.

I’m so proud of myself that I decided to blog about this. I feel crafty.

* Fucked up Bitch – A wasted girl with a fucked up reputation at school, no friends, no future, and all drugged up, as Urban Dictionary explains.


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