Randomness of the night: Pinterest is fucked up

I’m tired of going on pinterest and seeing stuff like ‘dupes for MAC cosmetics’ or ‘the best cheap makeup’.

Bitch, I don’t want any of this shit. I want Dior. Feed me Lancôme. Put that Channel on my eyes. Paint me YSL.

Don’t give me any ‘make up on a budget tutorial’. Give me a fucking tutorial on business so I can get to own Sephora.

I was going to stop right here, but I got really mad at this site.

“A nice dark berry coloured lipstick for the Autumn months.”

The blood orange riding hood. Dark berry. Go fuck yourself. I’m also going to wear that lipstick in the middle of the summer if I please. Stop. Fucking. Standardizing. Style.

“How to whiten your teeth at home. Put a tiny bit of toothpaste into a small cup, mix in one teaspoon baking soda plus one teaspoon of lemon juice.”

Please, please, please, DO NOT put this on your teeth. It is not safe. It will fucking ruin your teeth. If you got enough time and money to spend on treating your soon-to-be overly sensitive damaged teeth, you sure got enough to get them whitened safely and professionally.

“Make up tips to looking fab in your frames!”

How about you get a nice frame that suits your face shape and you feel comfortable in and stop worrying about anything else because, bitch, I’m wearing these glasses so I don’t mistake you for a trash can while walking down the street. I basically NEED them.

Gee. Why is this site so addictive and why am I so full of hate?